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So to update everyone on the future of LWD…

There has been a lot of back and forth about where to go next with my business. Several trips out to NYC, many job interviews, and a lot of frustration later, it has become very clear that NYC is not the place for Littlewings Designs to blossom and flourish. As much as I love the City and what it has to offer, it is still very much a frenetic race in which I have never truly wanted to take part, and in which the hand-crafted with love process of Littlewings does not have a true place. I believe in balance- hard work that you get PAID for, beautiful objects that are FUNCTIONAL, great design that is TIMELESS, and living a life of HARMONY with the loving people around you.

Thus, I am recalibrating my course for one of longterm development here in the Great State of the Mitten, and to do it I NEED your help. I have applied for funding from an entrepreneurial¬†fund here in Grand Rapids called Start Garden, a fund started by GR mover and shaker Rick Devos. They give out two grants of 5K a week- and we’re trying to get one of them! All you have to do is endorse the idea by logging into the Start Garden page via Facebook.

Click Here to Endorse Littlewings Designs Studios!

We are seeking to create a transparent studio boutique here in our Hometown of Grand Rapids, MI where Littlewings Designs products are produced and sold, along with curating the work of other dedicated and talented handcrafted USA designers. We want to make our roots and our hometown proud- and there’s no place like Michigan to tell the story of handcrafted and USA made.

Here is where you click! So endorse, spread the news, and share the Leather and Love! We need your help to make this happen!

Looking out, Looking Ahead, looking forward! Let’s make this Take Off on Loving Wings!

Let’s make this Take Off!


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