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The Whole Package

I’m writing this in response to an Etsy Success email, wondering about our packaging as Etsy artists. What are we doing to make our brand cohesive, special, and beautiful?

I’ve been working on this for a long time, and wanted to share:

I try to make brand as sustainable as possible, which is big part of the reason I am on Etsy. While I use new leather and hardware for my designs, I use natural dyes, upcycled materials, and reuse furniture. I also try to keep my packaging as minimal and eco-friendly as possible.

Every tag is printed on recycled brown-paper bags. I get my groceries in paper, and then flatten the bags, iron them, cut them up, and run the sheets through my printer. The tags then coordinate and are numbered and signed specifically to the bag/piece you have purchased, since each of my leather-goods are hand-numbered. Each tag also has the illustration of the item printed on it, from when I originally designed it. They also each come with a care instruction tag. It’s the kind of thing I always save from my nice clothes and accessories in my jewelry box, and I hope people do the same!

All of my large bags come with a dust-bag true to luxury leather goods practice. My dustbags are made of recycled bedsheets that I dye with natural dyes, and then sew my logo onto.

My passport case wallets each come in a box, which is folded origami using old atlases for the paper. It’s a great touch for an article so specific, and fits the world adventure theme.

Finally, each of my packages comes with an invoice detailing what number piece you have, warranty and repair information, and is signed and dated. I also include a couple business cards, and write a note of thanks on the top of the invoice. During the holiday season, I also offer free gift-wrapping for my Facebook fans, and use recycled scraps of naturally dyed fabric and ribbon with brown-paper, a la a “brown paper packages tied up with strings”.

See the photos below for some of the pretty little touches, and enjoy the things wrapping up your leather and love!







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One thought on “The Whole Package

  1. I loved this post! Your packaging looks great, and it’s helpful to see all the elements that went into it!

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