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Perspective from the Clouds…

The holding pattern continues. What to do next? How to get to NYC? Applying for jobs, pursuing freelance work, making as much as I can, and continuing to find new venues for LWD.

It’s highly overwhelming. The storm doesn’t seem to subside, and these Littlewings are getting tired. They need a place to land soon before the feathers are irreparably damaged.

My sculpture and jewelry teacher from high school used to talk about perspective. Taking a break, pulling back, studying from a distance, and getting a fresh perspective.

Wondering if this is what I need right now.

Is moving to NYC the right move for Littlewings Designs right now? Or have I become so focused on my sideline career (of styling) that Littlewings has taken a backseat, right when things are starting to pop up and grow for my brand?

I’m all about the local, the sustainable, and tangible and real for my life and my brand. Is NYC really me? Is it really Littlewings?

Moving to NYC is starting to feel like trying to get into the most elitist sorority on the planet. Part of me wants to say f*%k that noise. I march to the beat of my own drum, not desperately run around trying to appease other people. I teach people and introduce people to new ideas and products, not follow the trends and demands of others.

To be frank, it’s getting annoying. I love NYC, but my longterm goal is to make Littlewings Designs the best it can be, not be a part of the NYC dream. That’s other people’s life, not mine.

I need a place to build my Nest that makes sense, and the longer I circle with no home, the more I feel like I need to fly away for awhile and get some perspective.

Looking for new ideas, and waiting for the storm to clear. I need a light soon, before my wings give out.

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One thought on “Perspective from the Clouds…

  1. Why NYC. Try another location not far from home… Ann Arbor, Chicago..
    Get your work in galleries in those locations and see how it sells before moving there.
    It’s like test marketing…

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