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Holding Flight Pattern

It’s been a busy month here at LWD since our last post. Getting (sort of) settled into the new studio, managing some major projects, and trying to work out the massive logistics of moving a brand to a city like NYC has been a struggle.

I went to NYC two weeks ago for a job interview and to buy leather. My flight in was delayed due to a huge thunderstorm over NYC, and we circled over the city in a holding pattern for over an hour, waiting for clearance to land. We finally ended up rerouting to Atlantic City to refuel and wait for clearance to ascend again and head up to NYC.

It’s a great metaphor for LWD right now. It’s a big storm of excitement and possibilities, including some huge potential collaborations and new venues of sale. However, due to the enormity of these projects and having to patiently wait for red tape, we can’t quite land in NYC as soon as we thought. It’s grinding on my feathers, but such is the nature of things.

A few photos from the great weekend in GR and the following two days in NYC. Stay tuned, and see you when the skies clear, the sun shines, and these Littlewings come barreling in for a landing. I guarantee you won’t be able to miss these flying feathers!

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