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Loving Wings and Summer Skies

It’s the end of another chapter it seems. Littlewings Designs and I have left the Carlton Saloon after a hell of a wild and fun year. Grand Rapids is a beautiful city- it’s home, I love it dearly, and if I could click my heels three times to sail away, I know the magic would always take me back there.

But, it’s time for new skies and new adventures. After a considerable amount of deliberation (and frustration) reality says that making true Nest for Littlewings and a real fashion career aren’t going to happen in my hometown right now. Hence…

Yes, you knew it. Littlewings is relocating to NYC!

I could not be more excited for this new chapter to begin. I’ve been working my tail feathers off to prep for the move- doing as much styling work as I can, making tons of product, revamping the Littlewings and my personal websites, and selling as much of my glorious furniture as can be sold.  My new personal website, elysemariewelcher.com, is finally up and running, and shows the full breadth of my work- littlewings, styling, and design! A mega garage sale is in the works at the Welcher Manor over near Jackson, MI, and all those lovely things populating my houses in the Tyler Arboretum and on Carlton are going to be up for grabs.

Loving Wings Collection has also begun to hatch, and is slowly popping up on the Etsy Store and on the web. Ever wanted a pair of LWD shoes or a true-blue handbag, but didn’t want to shell out hundreds of bucks? Now there are flip flops, handbags, and lotsa other pretty goodies for all price points. Check them out on Etsy and get ’em for the hot days ahead!

But before we move on too quickly, a beautiful overview of the past year. Moving home was necessary when it happened, and the love and support of my Grand Rapids tribe couldn’t be more heartfelt. I am so truly grateful and blessed to have these wonderful people in my life, and if home is indeed where the heart is, then my heart is with them always.

So without further ado…

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