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What lives in a Hip Pocket Belt?

So, the Hip Pocket Belt is one of my unique accessories here at Littlewings Designs that I tend to get the most questions about. How do you wear it? Where did the idea come from? And most importantly, how much crap can you put inside of it? Haha. So, a little bit of background on the strange accessory I can’t live without and that seems to be getting quite the fan base!

The idea honestly came from my personal obsession with Dave Matthews concerts. There is nothing worse than needing to dance the biggest thoughts to make your mark in the lawn, and have a handbag getting in the way.  I wanted to be able to wear my typical happy hippie attire of dresses and skirts, and didn’t want the pockets to be bogged down with the weight of my stuff- as well as my date’s! The fanny pack was an option I saw old ladies wearing at the mall sometimes, but it certainly was NOT something I was willing to put around my fashionable waist. Thus, as necessity is often the mother of invention, the Hip Pocket Belt was born.

What goes into my Hip Pocket Belt? I can usually fit a lot of junk in there, truth be told! Typically, my Passport Case Wallet is my starting point for all my cards and cash. Then, I have my iphone, my keys and sometimes my date’s, lighters, Burt’s Bees Chapstick, and a camera if I’m on vacation. On a typical day, replace that camera with my mini sketchbook and a pen/pencil. Oh, a usually headphones. So it’s a lot of stuff that fits in there, and that’s why it’s my go-to! So here are some pics, and have a lovely Monday =D


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