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NYC seduces these Littlewings…

Last week was highly eventful in that I went on my first solo trip to NYC to buy supplies for Littlewings Designs. It had been well over a year since I had been to the city, and both my first time going in the winter and going alone.

It was a delightful trip, and on the way there is when I first stopped in Cleveland and auditioned for Fashion Week Cleveland 2012, which I later was accepted into and will be showing a full collection on the runway in the beginning of May. I had some fun times while in Cleveland with Miss Emily Gremel and her lovely beau Allan, before they put me on the train off to the Little City at the Center of the World.

While there, I bought supplies, caught up with my wonderful friends Lauren and Tony, and boutique scouted like a maven thanks to an old friend of Littlewings Designs. He showed me the city in style and brought me to more boutiques than I can count. We also had a fun adventure that involved a mini-cooper breaking down in the heart of Manhattan, then getting to ride in a tow truck over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. If you want to see NYC and the bridges to the boroughs like never before, get the height of a tow truck on your side and the view is incredible!

I got some great leathers to keep producing the designs you all love, as well as some new leathers to start producing some new ideas! Have you been waiting for dark leathers from Littlewings? Stay tuned if you are, because they’re coming your way. I also found some handy new tools (sealed rubber cement and barge jars to make my life oh so much easier), and of course, shopped and got a couple things for myself. My shopping scores will be featured later this week.

Over all, it was a highly successful journey. I have always loved NYC, but it tugged on my heart strings more than ever this time, and the energy, bustle, and constant inspiration of the city is calling me back. Could a move for Littlewings be in the future? It’s a highly tempting consideration, and I definitely investigating a potential move for the Nest in the next year.

So here are the pics! Coming up: my shopping finds from my trip, the results from the most recent Collective Wings dye bath at The Carlton Saloon, how to style this season’s open-work woven and lace trends, the impending 5th Annual Halloween in March, and a sneak peak at some of my designs for Fashion Week Cleveland! Spring is in the air, and Littlewings is heading for higher heights than ever before.

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