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Leave Your Doubt at the Door

This past Saturday I had the chance to see my FAVORITE local band at one of the best venues here in GR. The Crane Wives played at Billy’s Lounge, which is a fairly small bar in Eastown that brings in a variety of great local music, has dubstep mondays, and a very chill and intimate atmosphere.

The Cranes Wives and their latest album “Safe Ship Harbored” have been an anthem for me the last six months. It’s an album about loss, heartbreak, and a lot of anger, but is so folksy and beautiful that you hardly know it until you truly listen to the lyrics.

“Hole in the Silver Lining” holds a dear place in my heart. As an obsessive compulsive person, over-analysis is my speciality. I will turn it over in my worried hands and mind so many times that I create the break, the rip, the problem that my detail manic mind is so obsessively seeking. This moment below may be one of my favorites in all the shows I have been to. Click to see it on my FB page:


2012 has been all about reaching out for me thus far. Having the confidence to get on the phone with boutiques, to sell my product, to put myself in the playing field of my career.

Littlewings has been going non-stop with new projects. We recently were accepted to ShopSCAD, and they fell in love with LWD. A large batch of belts, hip pocket belts, passport wallets, catch alls, and coasters headed off to that sunny Savannah that I love. I can’t wait to visit and potentially see a SCAD student wearing one of my designs, in the very locale that inspired them.

We also recently were featured in an Etsy Fashion email. The Egg Satchel reached millions of Etsy friends, and we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve got one of these on the docket for this weekend thanks to it.

The hip pocket belt has been the hot seller thus far in 2012. I made so many of these last month, including two custom ones. One was a tan buckskin version, a material I had never done for this design before. I also did a smaller sized version of the pocket that has inspired a new version of the hip pocket belt. Both turned out beautifully, and watch for then soon on my Etsy Store.

Littlewings is about to head to NYC on a supply run and to gather inspiration during the heart of New York Fashion Week. Next week, I will be in NYC, hunting down materials, soaking in the New York pace, scouting new boutique frontiers, and gathering an abundance of inspiration for my next collections.

It’s all about reaching. Reaching higher, stretching out, and taking off to a higher level.

Leave your doubt at the door, don’t you take another step.




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