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Autumn is Coming…

It’s the first day of autumn.

It’s time for the change.

In returning to my blog, I’m returning to an old project, now in it’s next stage. I’m in the process of reconstructing my favorite boots. Previous posts show the process for these boots, of ripping apart an old pair, making a new pattern, and building them new with top materials. I did a lot of experiments upon them too, including a foam inner core layer for the sole and a foam inner sole for the foot cushion. I also wore them almost everyday for two years, and I think I can safely say there are about 50,000 travel miles on those boots, with all of the roadtrips, hiking, and city adventures I’ve taken the last couple years. Suffice it to say, I beat the crap out of them. Now, to fix them again.

the boots on their final day.

beauty in the breakdown.

hand stitching the new toe box into place.

lasting the new inner support layer

ready to last both outer layers

both outer layers lasted!

words to walk with me always.

ready to be sealed into the soles.














































































I wrote this a year ago today:

Bird that flies
why can’t I?
I should like to pick up,
lift off
Soar to
the clouds and sun,
and be free.
Free to leave,
no regrets,
no commitments.
But my feet are weights
I stand
lonely on the
I observe jealously
the bird’s free
flights of fancy
I walk, plod
in travels.
Someday, my
boots would like
to speak
But for now,
we journey in silence.

Time to move forward from old days and ways.

Welcome home to the Mitten, Littlewings.

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