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It’s Time…

I’ve started running recently. For those that have known me awhile, I am sure this comes as a shock, as I have for most of my life been a firm believer in the motto of “I only run when being chased.”

I know I need exercise to have more energy, since I’ve been so sluggish lately. And it gets me outside, which helps combat that winter depression. Plus, the park has finally melted and I can run on grass and trails, rather than cement, which makes my knees and joints much happier.  And, it’s the cheapest form of exercise I can get, since all it requires is pulling out the New Balances I bought a couple years ago while working at Penney’s. So from a practical standpoint, running is good right now.

I feel something more to it though. It’s a new time in my life. I feel the need to run. I just want to run and run and run. It’s quite strange. I just keep having this niggling feeling, this antsy drive telling me, it’s time to go Elyse. And when I get out there, my heart beats so fast and strong in my chest, and my feet pound on the ground, and I finally can stop thinking and just feel; my body, my soul, the wind and rhythm and the trees and the very earth are telling me, it’s time to move, it’s time to run, it’s time, it’s time…

dancing trees whisper as I wind amongst their ankles

clouds scud across the sky on the blustery wind as winter fights its losing battle against the inevitable

our mark is left in the ruins that emerge from the receding white each spring

they reach for the sun, dancing at the very center, alert, proud, dancing, dancing, as I run in circles through the maze around them, running, running, running.

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