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Minimal L-Wallet

I love collaboration! Here at littlewings, we recently embarked upon a collaboration with good friend and photographer Cory Foote and created our first piece just for the gents. Of course, we’re welcome to ladies getting into pocket wallets if that’s they’re thing, but the idea was for the guys.

Cory was looking for a flat, very minimal wallet that would hardly be noticeable in your pocket and had no stitching or fasteners. With these parameters in mind, we came up with a wallet that is a simple L, and folds over your cash and cards. Super simple, super clean, and when we tested it: wallah! It worked!

Since, I’ve had several other guys try it out with their own wallet essentials, and it has gotten very favorable reviews. Even the high roller can fit a decent amount of cash in it, and we figure that if it works with the exception, it pretty well proves the rule.

And the last little detail of coolness- the first notice it got on Etsy was someone from Scotland, who ordered it and asked it be resized to fit Scottish notes. Thus, we now have it available to fit international currencies, making it a great option for those friends across the seas or for yourself on that upcoming spring break to some foreign local.

Check it out!

three L-wallets, the teal one sized to fit international currency!

Boo yah!

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