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New Canvas: Dye Bath Part 1

100% organic hemp canvas, dyed in all natural dyes.

Above are the newest littlewings addition, the official new natural colors for littlewings hemp canvases. After a lot of trial and error here at the studio and experimenting with new dyes including plants harvested from the property, I have finally reached a good array of colors that I can replicate each time with both harvested and powdered natural dyes. The colors above are as follows, from left to right:

1. Caribbean Green 2. Walnut 3. Kamala Yellow 4. Logwood Violet  5. Cooled Logwood 6. Tumeric Orange

If you’re interested in further dye details or how to’s, feel free to contact me!

More to come soon on the rest of the dye bath delights!

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One thought on “New Canvas: Dye Bath Part 1

  1. love these results..l too use natural dyes..how is it all going? lynda

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