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I grew up in a world where aesthetic is trivial. It is oft considered something useless, “frou-frou,” “yuppy”; function is all that matters, and form comes far down the list, if at all.

I have never believed this to be true. For me, form and function can and must live together harmoniously in order for me to feel calm, collected, and find aesthetic pleasure in the spaces and objects around me.

I have been often met with the arguement, you only like it because it is “shiny” (in reference the Mac products, thanks to my brother Chris), or pretty, or because it is “designer”. This, however, is simply not true. I only like products, goods, and spaces that achieve both; that function as well as possible, hopefully the best, and that give aesthetic pleasure for the senses. If a product or space fails at either of these, then it is a failure as a design.

I have also often faced ridicule or derision for wanting my space and person to have a certain appearance, being told that I think too much of how others perceive me, or that I am vain and house proud, focusing my energy on meaningless and ostentatious things.

On the contrary to these arguments, I truly don’t give a flying fuck what others think about my appearance or my house. I do these things for my own aesthetic, sensorial experience. People talk about living life to the fullest; if you’re not having expereiences that are activating your senses, so that your body truly feels them, then you’re not living to your fullest potential.

So, I may have a lot of flaws, but being vain, superficial, or ostentatious are not among them. If you’re going to call me a sinner, call me by the rightful sin. I live for myself, for my pleasure and experience and enjoyment.

In short, I’m a hedonist. And I’ve never been happier for it.

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