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Late Summer’s dreams…

It’s been awhile since I updated, but I’ve been up to so much work that it’s no wonder!

I’ve been truly obsessed with decorating my awesome new house, and it’s leading me to a lot of cool concepts to incorporate into my soon to be dropped home line, of small furniture, lamps, home accessories, etc.

I also keep thinking up some small accessories in areas that have languished while I was in school due to lack of time. Remember when I used to make jewelry? There’s a renaissance in process in the littlewings psyche!

And, there’s been a lot of wonderful hikes in this place to keep me endlessly inspired. I love the imperfect repetition of nature, how it’s so close to being the same yet it is always so slightly different. I love how nature can bring us one of the first principles of design so perfectly without human interference. I’m looking forward to autumn in this lovely place, to see nature’s paint as the leaves change and to watch as the inhabitants of this place prepare for the long northern winter. Autumn is one of my favorite times; transitioning into a time of thought and introspection for the quiet season of nature.

pic frames that I repainted and will be using to frame some cottage garage sale art for my bathroom.

reworking mazzie mae's lookout stool so she can watch out the window in my studio =)

painting wood stools like the table I made before.

soon to be available on my Etsy under "nest"...

a newly emerged butterfly dried its wings and kept me company while I painted the stools...

so small and perfect... such an amazing way for nature to art through the very beings within it...

the finished stools with the table... once they're posted, ready to be ordered and delivered for your house too!

lovely woodland men that accompanied me for a hike! 😉

I'm so obsessed with mushrooms...

such a cool little guy, just goin' where he's got to go...

they're like a little village in the lee of the tree...

embroidery detail on the awesome vintage beach chair that I remade the seat for...

finished seat, ready to put it all together...

I love this chair in my living room!

re-entering the world of jewelry, one felted walnut at a time... find these on my Etsy by the end of the week!

another home good soon to be on "nest", leather napkin rings... one lucky girl will soon get a set of these in the mail, hehe... 😉

sneak peak at something I developed for next season, and also will be headed out in the mail very soon....

nature's organic inspiration....

...gets a neckwear interpretation.

and don't forget to love your meows. Queen Mazzie Mae rules her roost from her personal vintage box bed.

That’s all for now folks. check back by the end of the week to see the newest finished items, photoed and posted on Etsy!

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