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Welcome Home Littlewings Designs!

The studio has finally reopened for production! Littlewings Designs has found its new home in the attic of the Little Stone House at the Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working in this inspiring place, creating new work and bringing Littlewings to a new audience here in the “Philidelphia Area and its Countryside.” (LOL, I ❤ that way of saying it, it’s all over the internets, haha). Here is a photo of the studio set up in progress; there is still a lot of work to be done before it’s finished, but I can at least be working now.

My ultimate studio attic!

Before I dove back into studio work, I took a walk here at Tyler, organized my thoughts and ideas, and took some photos of the terrain. I went for a walk through the Meadow Maze, and here is some of that:

Yesterday, for my first day of work in my new space, I ran a dye bath to start on a couple new projects that are forerunners for the future addition to littlewings, Nest. I’ve been toying with and designing some home goods for awhile now, and I really think there is a place for my style of decor along with the rest of the work I do for littlewings. Plus, some of it is a surprise for a special someone, for her new house….shh =). Prototyping is a joyful thing, it’s when you have to produce 50 that you suddenly want to explode.

fabrics before the dye pot!

Sawyer was trying to help me.

toil, toil, boil, and trouble!

happy finished fabric

my favorite from the day, required 2 different dye baths because there was a stretch in the fabric I didn't realize at first. Pomogranate and Kamala was the first bath, followed by a super heavy coffee and tea bath.

I was at a going away party for Katie Inglis and Ryan Jahn the other night, and Ryan made a great comment that couldn’t ring more true. He spoke of moving and having friends who have made you stuff, and how then your friends travel with you and are forever part of your places and adventures through the things they have made. I couldn’t help but remember this yesterday as I worked and dyed in the kitchen, and was texting Rachel Clark through the whole thing for her expert dye guidance and support. To check out the queen of natural dyes and all things sheep: www.lazytreedesigns.com.

And, a little piece of Ryan and Katie that is now is our house forever. They started the idea below with just the music rolls from player pianos; the lamps below were their first prototypes, which unfortunately there wasn’t room for on their moving truck. They found their way to my house, where I added the borders and the embroidery. I love that we’ve made a multi-stage and house project out of these little guys. check out their plethora of awesome sites and projects on their facebooks:



These guys do so much work and have so many amazing things brewing in the pot all the time! You can get lost simply in their virtual extensions of their art; being there in person is even cooler.

a little piece of Katie and Ryan that will always be in our house =)

And Finally, some of the actual littlewings work that I’ve been up to! My first new project here in the Philly area is iPad cases. Nathan Kula has requested a custom case for his newly acquired iPad, and I’ve been brainstorming some various ideas. Who knows where it will go from here, but for starters:

case concept with open display feature

a couple of feminine versions with organic patchwork and free motion embroidery on hemp canvas.

It’s very exciting to be doing custom work for a fellow artist. Check out some of Nate’s adventures at tookula.com. Hopefully, a littlewings case will be his new accessory in those adventures very soon!

And, just a final reminder to spend some time and love with all things cute and furry:

ultra loaf kitty!

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