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10 days and counting…

Hence starts the count down. I will be trying to post daily the extreme amount of work that is going to be accomplished in the next ten days, ten days until the capstone of four years of work is due. Senior, my friends, is almost done.

Here are some images from working in the studio and otherwise over the last few weeks:

exploring on Hutchinson Island.

original roll top bag I made for Jonathan's mom.

more exploring, looking across to the Savannah side of the river.

As was forewarned, there has been a new technique that has reared its head this late in the game and has definitely impacted my collection, though I have to think for the better. George Esquival recommended using a wood burner when he came to visit SCAD a few weeks ago and came to one of our senior critiques. I have started using it to hand burn my logo tags, as well as finish the raw sides of soling leather where it is exposed on belts, bags, and shoe soles. I also am using it to punch perfect holes for these things as well, so that I can incorporate the hand stitching details that I explored earlier. Below are some of the new works that use this technique, as well as process pics.

roll belt bag for ACT

the above bag is the first in a new series that I am slowly developing to be dropped sometime in the next 6 months. Definitely is going to include raw soling leather and handstitching.  On the dl for now, but stay tuned for details.

working on treating the leather strap for the new waist roll bag

logo tag, done with filled/empty feathers to indicate bag number, etc.

stitching together the body of the moc bootie.

pieces of pleated vamp moc, ready for holes to be punched with wood burner.

stiching both soles together (inside view)

stitching the soles together, from the bottom.

three double pocket roll top bags, soon to be joined by a fourth in violet.

Lots to do in the next 10 days. Finish the collection, tags, dustbags, business cards, business plan, display sign and box, holy crap! here we go kids!

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