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Beginning of the Quarter, so far…

Let’s talk texture folks! I’ve been on a texture mission lately, and have been doing extensive work with linear materials and woven structures.

Along with this, I am taking an installation and environmental art class this quarter. We’ve been talking extensively about the difference between recognition and perception; about breaking down this dualistic thinking, and relying on perception to form a more nuanced and mature view of the world around us. I have been thinking a lot about how we our senses are numbed by the world around us, our perception totally deadened unless we take the time to notice it.

We know that we are constantly bombarded with imagery, white noise, and light pollution. However, we are also constantly touching an endless number of textures, and likewise, we rarely notice them.

Hence, I have started a yarnbombing organization here in Savannah. We are trying to start a conversation about fiber art and texture, along with what is public art. It was a successful start; we accomplished the various locations we had planned, and there were discussions about the work in classes at Arnold the morning it what still up.

sewing on at arnold.

finished arnold graffiti

pepe hall. this is all material we made together at the knitting party beforehand.

fashion building yarnbombing!

The most amusing part was watching people’s reactions at the various buildings. People at the fibers building touched and petted the material, including repair guys! At the fashion building on the other hand, only one person in the accessories lab even noticed it when they came in! It is intriguing how there are various environments where our sense are particularly numbed.

In senior II news, I have accomplished several new changes and new muslins for my collection. I have added a shoe, a flat moccasin with the pleat detail that shows up in various places in my collection.

new, additional third shoe for my collection.

I have been exploring moccasins a lot lately, that particular construction style, in my work. The simplicity of the construction, plus it’s versatility and relative ease to execute, makes it a good style for me to use in my own studio practice.

updated boot, also altered for better fit.

I have almost completed the pattern for the slouchy duffel. I ran into some problems with this pattern as I constructed the muslin, because of trying to line up the opposing curves and having the patterns both be the correct length. I also realized that I wanted to incorporate the stitching detail of the moccasins into the rest of the bags. There have also been problems with getting the strap ends correct, because they are a semicircle, it is very hard to make them perfect without using machinery. I decided to work toward solving this by experimenting with different strap ends that incorporate both the original rivets and the stitching detail.

strap end samples with various stitching details.

Also in relation to this, I have finally found rivets! Rather than the Jiffy rivets like I originally had planned (they weren’t strong enough and popped out with little stress at all) I am using Chicago screws, which are rivets that actually screw together. I am confident that these will solve the durability problem I have been facing in the strapping details of these bags.

In other news, I have decided to scratch the front clip bag, which is similar to and instead add a backpack. The old bag included yet another shape and more of the same pleated detail. It would have been the eighth piece in the collection to include the detail, and I think it is too much. Instead,the new backpack incorporates the front clipping, elastic roll top detail, but has the rounder shape of the egg satchel muslin. It also has a front zipper pocket for essentials, similar to the Classic roll top bag I originally made.

I also have found the canvas for the collection. It is an organic, 100% Hemp 16oz canvas. It has a great, highly textured hand, and is super durable. Now I can also use a lining that is a little less stiff, which I think will feel nicer.

Finally, I am hoping to added a simple draped pleated hat to the collection, probably linen pleated into a leather band and incorporating the stitching detail. I think a hat makes a lot of sense in my collection, especially for the adventurer I am trying to reach.

I have good feelings so far about this year. A new decade seems to be a good thing. More work to follow; midterms is coming too quick.

And a side project to make you smile whenever you set your drink on it:

painted woodgrain end table that I made =)

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