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Senior I: In reveiw

It has been a long quarter. Let’s put that out there first. There have been a myriad of dramatics and problems in this little department where it’s impossible to get bored.

I worked through a lot of issues with these muslins and samples. While there are still things to work on, progress has been made, and much more than I would have expected given the circumstances of this quarter. I will be working through more of my muslins and techniques over the winter break, and updating to my blog accordingly: so stay tuned folks!

As I said in the previous post, I am uploading less of my patterns to the web. Once something is published to the web, you technically lose the rights to it; if someone decided they wanted to rip off my patterns, I would have no legal recourse, and that is a risk I can’t take. So, less patterns, more construction; it’s a little more vague, but the people who need to see the patterns have the actual pieces in front of them.

As you’ll probably note in my sketchbooks (for those who have seen them), I didn’t update my illustrations to reflect my muslins. That is because there is still significant work to do on all of them. Quite frankly, I turned in a full line up at mid term when it wasn’t required; redoing it yet again at this point is simply busy work, and is a waste of my time. I updated my technicals using layers of tracing paper, so you can actually see the progress of the designs. When I have the muslins completed and I am 100% ready to start final construction, then I will do formal technicals and renderings.

I have a lot of work to do over the break. A few goals:

~make siginifance progress on my muslins

~work through “The Leatherworking Handbook”

~experiment with blanket stitching on more of my pieces. This is a detail from the moccasins that I am enjoying immensly, and would like to carry over to some of the bags in the collection.

~Get my LLC. I was going to keep it simple and not do this yet, but I have started to hear horror stories about asshole business people out there that look for young companies that aren’t registered, register the names for themselves, then sue the original designer, hence forcing the designer to buy their own name back for an exorbitant amount of money. So LLC it is.

~Get my website up and running. This is after the LLC. I don’t want any material out on the web until everything is legally set it stone and I have sole ownership and rights to my name and logo.


thanks for the great quarter everyone. keep checking back here for my winter break progress. Enjoy your break, and have a blessed holidays.



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