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Muslin 5: vial wedge boot

Here it is, the last muslin of the quarter! 3 cheers and hip-hip-hurrah, I have survived!

As a side note, I am publishing less of my patternmaking and more of my constructing to the web. While I am more than happy to share and teach techniques to others, I honestly want my patterns to be a secret. I want people to have to buy these bags, not look at my patterns and figure out how to make them for themselves!

The final muslin is a boot, based in part on the boot I deconstructed. I also further explored the moccasin styling, thus, this muslin is the farthest from any of my original sketches. There definitely need to be some resolutions with this pattern down the road, but it’s a good rough start that gives me something to build off.

draping on the last
making patterns using draped pieces and by altering existing patterns from the boot deconstruction exercise.
finished patterns
cutting the leather

cutting the leather

There were some issues with the pattern when I began to assemble the pieces.  Overall, I need some guidance with this pattern from someone more knowledgeable. Also, a leg form to drape on would be incredibly helpful, so that I’m not guessing shapes.

applying the back zipper. The zipper and shaft is an area that definitely needs refinement.

upper sewn together before lasting.

first lasting the counter, similar to the other moccasins. This was such a mess, because there are the outer unlasted pieces that drape down onto the wedge for the flap that hides the vial.

next, lock stitching through all the pre-punched holes. This is another area that needs refining, there is some trouble with the tension and spacing between the vamp and the side walls.

addng the blanket stitching

The finished muslin, at least as far as I’m taking it for now. I need to further refine the trouble spots, and therefore I didn’t want to use valuable materials to figure out further things (ie, drilling vial into the wedge, the lining, etc.) until I had the outer perfect.

finished muslin... for now...

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