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Muslin 2: Pillow Gusset Wallet

I am not going to show the entire process for this post, as I already showed the basic construction of a pillow gusset wallet. I used the pattern I had already drafted for the sample to drape a new front, and then went from there in the construction process. The product shown below is made in final leathers, since I made this to submit to the American Craft Council Competition. It was also a good chance to work with my actual leathers and see how they behave.

here is the draping for the front pleat detail, then flattened out to make a new pattern.

I thought the new pattern piece kind of looked like a sting ray creature, so I drew some eyes on there, lol.

assembling the lining. my only mistake on this piece as right here, I accidentally glued down the pocket that is supposed to be behind the card holders. Ooops

creating the front pleats


putting together the gusset pieces


putting in the zipper for the change pocket on the clutch. riri zippers are the shiz-nit, btw.
creating the top strap to lace through the pleats
putting the outer and the innards together. Almost done...

putting the outer and the innards together. Almost done!


the final product, shown with my finished logo tag.

Overall, I was very happy with how this muslin turned out; there were no sewing or construction issues, only a few minor variations from the original idea, and the results were great.

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