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Sample 4- double zipper closure

This sample is a double zipper closure, similar to a men’s shavekit or a dufflebag. I intend to use this on a larger scale within the collection, on a slouchy duffle in leather.

First, I had to shorten one of the zippers so that I had two that were the same size. This is also an important aspect, since I am doing all the alterations to my zippers myself for the final collection.

zipper shortening

zipper shortening

To shorten the zipper, I measured to the correct length, then stitched around the zipper three times before knotting it off. I then used jewelry nippers to cut off the unneeded teeth, leaving me with the same amount of zipper tape at the end as the original zipper and allowing me to sew it easier.

Next, I made a simple pattern using these specific zipper measurements for the closure of the bag. I also added snap down ends, going along with the ideas of folding and draping in my collection.

patterns for small bag

patterns for small bag

Next, I sewed the bag up. One thing that still needs to be resolved is the exact placement of the zipper ends so there is a clean finish on the closure of the bag. Looking back at his, I may be able to apply the technique I saw when I ripped apart my boots, where the zipper was folded partly, cemented, and then clipped like the corners on leather would be, except the innermost, thick part of the tape is left intact, making a smooth transition into the seam without fraying.

almost sewn bag, finishing setting zippers and lining

almost sewn bag, finishing setting zippers and lining

Here, the finished bag. One detail: the hole for one of the snaps was slightly too large and the leather quite stretchy, and the snap popped out of the end. Other than that detail and the points discussed above about the zippers, I’m pretty happy with the results, and they will be easy to apply to a larger muslin. The pattern is cute too, I wouldn’t mind whipping one of these up in a bright color for a toiletries bag.

finished double zipper sample

finished double zipper sample

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