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“Methodologies” rant

so, here is my problem with this term- it’s so damn pretentious! I’m not about to put my little art of creating things from animal skins on the same level as those who perform surgery on brains or study world hunger issues. I cannot and will not bring myself to that level of arrogance.

From a common sense standpoint, I also see it as a classic case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Why do we need a fancy terminology? What’s wrong with the classic “sample”? I never have understood this concept of giving something a new name just so it seems fancier, more educational, and more justified. In this case, it’s all about pandering to the academics who are reviewing my program.

Hence, I will no longer feed into this “methodologies” foolishness. I shall call them samples, and keep my dignity intact, thank you. Find someone else to be the hamster on your ivory-tower wheel.

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