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I find it ironic that while walking out of my 2oth C art class, where we just discussed feminism in modern art, I am hollered at by a 40 year old man in a van.

Until I moved to the South, I had never been “hollered” at by a man. Nor had I ever been treated in a way by perfect strangers that made me objectified.

Feminism was much more personal where I was from. Instead of being objectified by people I didn’t know, it was done by the men I interacted with on a daily basis; boyfriends, male teachers, my brother’s friends.

I’m not saying that one or the other is more acceptable. The fact of the matter is, both are appalling.

To the “southern gentlemen” that holler at women on the street, to the old South where the “protection” of women is held so dear; would you want a 40 year old man to holler at your 16 year old daughter? Your 18 year old daughter? Your 21 year old daughter?

As I understand it, this is reason in South to go running for a shotgun- a woman’s honor has been offended.

And speaking of, is there an age where it is acceptable to objectify a woman at all?

I don’t think so.

And to the North, I ask you this: why is it okay to objectify the women you encounter on a daily basis? Why did those professors and boyfriends and male accquaintances always say “you have everything going for you, you’re beautiful and smart.”

Why does a woman have to be “beautiful” to have everything going for her? Why do I have to be an object in order to have value in society?

Where does this way of thinking have any place in our society anymore? What good has it ever done, and what good will it continue to do?

I would say it has no place, that it has done no good, and it will never do any.


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One thought on “feminism

  1. patrice whitney on said:

    Woman as an object to be consumed is unfortunately no where near as anachronistic as we would like to think it is (or would like it to be)…and lest we forget women objectifying women. (this is where age, weight, race, social standing, sexual and gender identity, and age comes in and complicates our privileged white-hetero-female middle class understandings of feminism.)

    This book is a decent collection of essays on post-feminism and feminism. I would highly recommend it. It gets theory-heavy in some places, but it’s a good dose of (pop)cultural and feminist theories.

    bell hooks. well, i just think she’s super.

    my favorite blog: feministing.com

    I would really love to hear (read) how you feel about being a student of fashion. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems that you end up having to buy into the industry that fuels much of the “standard of beauty,” and perpetuate said standard. aren’t they training you to enter an industry (which objectifies and commodifies femininity…feeding into a culture that indirectly objectifies and subordinates you) and place (monetary) value on your art, selling items to women that mark them as female (because somehow a skirt will make me more female), but are things they do not need to be female?
    In my mind this is kind of Bauhaus-creepy* (lets make money off the ladies so the tortured souls and create the real art).

    Do you often see yourself having to compromise and reconcile a lot of your personal beliefs and in order to create your art and make a living in the industry? I’m really interested to hear what you think, and how it’s handled in your field.

    for me it was: “capitalist patriarchy = boo!” it was easy from our moral high ground in the ivory tower that boasted about letting poor, not-white, lgbtq, and fat people do stuff, but never let them in to really change the power structure.

    in the spirit of capitalism (via exchange of goods/services), i could then tell you about how awful feminist wedding planning is (and the subsequent life-planning with a partner who wants a PhD.)…oy, the guilt!

    (*in other news, i think schedules in wheel-form are creepy)

    OMG can i shut my friggin mouth already?! srsly how irritating can a cousin get? feel free to defriend me. lolerskates.

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